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Happy Birthday Sassafras!

We love to celebrate meezer birthdays, both on our Facebook page Siamese-Cats and here! This chocolate point beauty is Sassafras, and May 8, 2013 is her 10th birthday 🙂 From her person Amy S:     Sassafras loves to play fetch, snack on turkey and is the ultimate snuggler! She has traveled across the country […]

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A Siamese Cat Valentine's Day

We are lucky. Not only do we have adorable and fascinating kitties, but we have a lot of fellow Siamese Cat fans on our Facebook page to share our enthusiasm with. Every day lots of people share cute pictures of their kitties with the rest of us. And while there are not enough hours in the day […]

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New Year's Wishes

Happy New Year! This and every year, we here at the Siamese Cat Spot wish you peace, safety, shelter, full hearts, full bellies, and good health–for all kitties (and all humans)! As for resolutions, well, our kitties are not so into them 😉 Hairballs on the carpet, crazy games of pounce-the-sleeping-humans, and counter-surfing are not […]

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A Siamese Cat Christmas

As we’ve mentioned, we have a Siamese Cat Fan Page that has a really warm and fun community of people regularly sharing pictures of their kitties. We do our best to re-share as many as possible on the page itself so that more people get to see these cute kitties, but there just isn’t enough […]

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