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Fred: 11 Year Old Siamese Rescue

Fred the 11 Year Old Siamese Rescue Recently, a generous-hearted member of our facebook community shared a picture and the story of her senior Siamese rescue, Fred. It gives us a case of the warm fuzzies when a kind soul like Megan opens her heart and her home to a senior kitty. Senior kitties often […]

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Monroe the Two-Legged Cat

This story is from Lindsay about her snowshoe mix kitty, Monroe. You can connect with them on their Facebook page, Monroe the Two Legged Cat UPDATE 08/22/2013: Sadly, Monroe succumbed to a series of mini-strokes due to complications from his blood clotting and passed away in Lindsay’s arms. But they remain an inspiration to everyone […]

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Sayitis Once In A Blue Moon

by Alida Bennett (and Benito!) “I was born in Australia and worked my formative years as a top dollar gigolo (and if you are thinking “Benito, how many? PLEASE don’t ask, for you are not ready for the answer!). I grew tired of the industry and moved to Christchurch, working initially as a gigolo to […]

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Older Kitties Need Homes Too!

We love kittens! In fact, it’s hard to imagine not loving them. But we love adult kitties, too. Sadly, older cats are harder to place, so  it’s especially heart-warming and exciting when an older kitty finds a much-needed home. That’s why we’re excited to share with you this story from the Record about the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society […]

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Brave and Loyal Joe

As cat lovers, we often find ourselves rescuing kitties, even from life-threatening situations. But sometimes cats save OUR lives! This is the story of Mania’s first Siamese cat, Joe, who was lost and found on a ship, and in turn saved his family from fire:   Once, my mother was traveling with two cats by […]

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