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Meezer & Sushi: Cuddling for Health

Meezer & Sushi: The Super Cuddlers

Three things we love: Siamese Cats, kitty snuggles, and kind Meezer fans who adore their kitties so much that they go the extra mile to make sure their Siamese are healthy, happy, and safe. This story of Amy's cats, Meezer and Sushi, fits just that bill! Check it out!

Meezer and Sushi

Meezer is the one with the shaved paw from his IV. Sushi is just closing his eyes too....he is blind, but usually keeps his pretty blues open for us to see:)... Meezer was very sick this past Christmas with a severe respiratory infection. We almost lost him. Sushi cuddled and bathed him constantly. (poor Sushi is completely blind too.) They now cuddle like this everyday. It took Meezer about 4 years and 4 other cats to find another kitty to cuddle with after Jake died.

Meezer & Sushi's human

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