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New Year's Wishes

Happy New Year!

This and every year, we here at the Siamese Cat Spot wish you peace, safety, shelter, full hearts, full bellies, and good health–for all kitties (and all humans)!

As for resolutions, well, our kitties are not so into them 😉 Hairballs on the carpet, crazy games of pounce-the-sleeping-humans, and counter-surfing are not just fun but essential, it seems…. But they also give us joy and love, so they can be forgiven! And in return, we resolve to provide them the best life possible.

Here’s to all our feline companions: those who currently share our homes and those yet unknown who will share our homes in the future.

And here’s to fond memories of those who have left us in body but never in spirit. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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