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Siamese Cat Rescue Center on the Pet Radio Show

Saving Siamese Cats and Little Dogs

In the first segment of this episode of the Pet Radio Show, we learn all about the Siamese Cat Rescue Center, a wonderful organization that has saved literally thousands of Siamese Cats! Robert Hudson & Robert Pregulman talk with Siri, who started the SCRC more than 15 years ago. Siri discusses what the Rescue's mission is, how she got into this in the first place, where the Meezers come from, and how the matchmaking process works to connect cats with the right people.

In the second segment, we meet Lauren Thompson, founder of People United For Pets (PUP). PUP is a non-profit rescue organization that focuses on small and toy breed dogs. PUP does its work out of Issaquah, Washington.​

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