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News For Siamese Cat Lovers
February 23, 2014
Fred: Heart-Warmer of the Week
We have a soft spot for senior Siamese cats. Nothing warms the heart more than hearing from one of our community members about an elder Meezer who is being well cared for in a loving home. This week we’d like to introduce you to 11-year-old Fred. Be warned — he’s a cutie!

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This Simple, Brilliant Approach Saves Animal Lives
Rescued Kitten
“In 2007, Seth began volunteering to photograph homeless pets to help them find loving families. These improved, positive photos showcased unique personalities, resulting in countless adoptions.”

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What About Tortie Point Siamese Cats?
Tortie Point Siamese Cat
While not everyone identifies these beautiful kitties as Siamese Cats, many do accept these varieties as members of this endearing breed. As cat lovers, we adore them all, and as Siamese lovers, we welcome these gorgeous cats as part of our community!

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Siamese Cat Spot Newsletter
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