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Tilting At Windmills

We love kitties. Can you tell? And while the Siamese Cat Spot site is mostly about Meezers and exists to serve you, our fellow fans of this delightful breed, we’re sure that you share our general love for all kitties.

Along these lines, one of our favorite web sites is They have lots of great stuff about kitties and for people like us (cat lovers!) — including funny stuff.

And let’s face it: kitties can be funny. Evidently, over at Catster, they think so too!

Today we would like to direct your attention to a great article that Catster posted entitled: “5 Common Household Items That Terrify My Cats”.

Here is a video from that post to give you an idea (I’m still giggling as I write this!):

My favorite part is when the kitty tries to bite the hot air!

We’d love to hear about your cats. Please share in the comments below!

You can find Catster’s full article by clicking here.

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