Is Your Cat a Couch Potato In Serious Need of Fun & Exercise?

Get these & you will not only be your kitty's personal Jillian Michaels, but you & your furbaby will bond more than ever =^..^=

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Victara’s Pouched Hoodie

VictaraGremlinI have wanted a snuggly soft kitty baby pouch for FOREVER. I could not find anything that would work, and making my own was never going to happen. When I was 13 I had to sew a pillow in Home Ec, but I thought it would be faster and easier to just staple it closed after stuffing it. The teacher was not amused… I’ll leave it at that.

The Victara Pouched Hoodie

So needless to say I was SO HAPPY when Paul posted on our facebook page about his pouched hoodie! You can get them at, and Paul sent me one to try out and review.

These are made with Siamese cats in mind – Siamese love to be as close to their humans as possible, they love to cuddle, and they love to be warm! As soon as I opened the package I was impressed with the quality and detail.
The inside of the pouch is super soft, and of course the drawstrings were irresistible to my cats. It feels good to wear, too. Mine is true to size, and I have to say I appreciate the light grey color of the fabric. It doesn’t show the cat hair 😉

Smaller-sized cats fit easier into the pouch. Gremlin is 14 lbs (6.5 kg) and a bit too big to fit all the way, but the smaller VictaraPetunia1modern Siamese should have no problem. My girl Petunia at 9 lbs (4 kg) fit easily. I could feel her purring when I held her. For kittens it would be perfect – I can’t wait to try it with my new foster kitten! The folks at Victara told me they could make a bigger pouch as well.

Order yours at for £17.99, or approximately $25.00.  Shipping in the UK is free; shipping elsewhere in the world is 50% off when more than one is ordered.

Cheers and Enjoy!

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