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A Siamese Cat Christmas

As we’ve mentioned, we have a Siamese Cat Fan Page that has a really warm and fun community of people regularly sharing pictures of their kitties. We do our best to re-share as many as possible on the page itself so that more people get to see these cute kitties, but there just isn’t enough time in the day to get to them all!

That’s one of the reasons we started this web site. We hope eventually to create galleries on this site that include everbody’s kitties! This will take some time, but…

To that end (and even though we know that not everyone celebrates Christmas) here is a collection of many of the cute Christmas kitty pictures our fantastic fan page community has shared.

Just click on any picture and the full-sized version will come up, and then you can scroll through the gallery as much as you like! Please feel free to share or comment below!



[maxgallery name=”christmas-2012″]

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