Is Your Cat a Couch Potato In Serious Need of Fun & Exercise?

Get these & you will not only be your kitty's personal Jillian Michaels, but you & your furbaby will bond more than ever =^..^=

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Is It Poison?

Poison Placard

Your Siamese probably  loves to get into everything. Find out what you need to know to keep your furbaby safe.

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Oral Care


Siamese cats can be especially prone to dental issues. Learn these simple tips for taking proper care of your cat’s dental health today.

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Tubby Kitty?


We all want our cats to be happy. Unfortunately, this can cause us to overindulge our furbabies with food, which may lead to obesity.

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Lilies Can Kill!


It’s true! Learn which Lilies are deadly, how to tell if your cat has been poisoned by one, and how to protect your furbaby from harm.

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Gremlin with Catnip

Like other breeds, Siamese cats can have a strong reaction to catnip. Your Meezer’s reaction may surprise you! Check it out.

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Cats & Chocolate


You love chocolate, we love chocolate, everyone loves chocolate! But should you give it to your furbaby? Read on to find out.

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