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The Seductive Siamese Cat On The Pet Radio Show

In case you missed the live broadcast, here is the recorded interview the Pet Radio Show did with our own Tamara Roush -- along with Dr Ruth MacPete and Tiffany Tilton. It's all about Siamese Cats!

In the first segment, Tammy talks about the history of Siamese Cats, the two main body types, and the various color points. She also discusses common Siamese behaviors and why she fell in love with Meezers in the first place.

In the second segment, we meet Dr. Ruth MacPete. She is a Veterinarian and animal advocate -- and lifelong Meezer lover! -- who discusses health issues that cats in general and Meezers in particular face.

In the third segment, we hear from Tiffany Tilton who is the owner of Champy Pants, the Blind Siamese Cat. Champy Pants endured serious injuries from being run over by a car, but is doing well now with Tiffany.​ We hear more about Champy's inspiring story.

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