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About the Author

I have loved & lived with cats for nearly all of my life. When we adopted Gremlin, who is a Seal Point Applehead, I just fell in love with the Siamese. This site is here to help spread the word about & share in the love of this delightful breed. 

Who We Are and Why We Do This

Hello and welcome to the Siamese Cat Spot! Maybe you’re wondering who we are and why we started this site. Well…

Gremlin as kittenGremlin Came Into Our Lives

We are tamstercat (aka Tammy) and mr tamstercat (aka Aireck). We were looking for a kitten to add to the family when we found our seal point, Gremlin. We adopted him in the summer of 2011 from the Humane Society, and he has been a predominant part of our lives ever since.

And We Fell In Love With Him

True to his breed, Gremlin is extremely people-oriented, always wanting to be near or on one or both of us, and absolutely hating to be alone for even a moment. And he’s the only cat we’ve had who truly fetches. Because of certain aspects of his personality (like fetching, being all about people, and his kind of dopey, happy-go-lucky nature), we sometimes call him Dug after the Golden Retriever in Disney’s animated movie “Up”.

Then Gremlin Inspired A Community

As the result of falling in love with Gremlin, we decided to start a Facebook fan page about Siamese cats in order to share the love with others who are passionate about this fascinating and endearing breed. It’s been gratifying to see so many others like us out there, all over the world. Our page has gotten a lot of response from a warm and involved group of people (you can check it out here: Siamese-Cats). It is a lot of fun.

And This Web Site

We talked for a long time about setting up a web site about the Siamese breed, and the response we’ve gotten on our facebook fan pagegremlin motivated us to get off our you-know-whats and finally do it. Hence this site =) Our goal is to provide a resource for lovers of Siamese cats that has all the information, links, videos, and pictures any of us could want. We also have a blog where we share our stories as well as stories from our community. This is an ongoing project.

And Now You’re Here! Yay!

We hope you find our site engaging and welcome your participation and input. Please feel free to contact us through our contact page with any questions or comments you have.

Once again, welcome. We’re glad you’re here!


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