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Ace Parker's Amazing Journey

This story comes to us from Joanne Ferguson and her Snowshoe kitty Ace Parker. Joanne works for the Tucson Airport Authority Police Department and runs their Facebook page, and Ace had been hanging around there as a stray before choosing Joanne as his guardian in 2005. All was well until last June, 2012, when he disappeared from home. Despite all of her best efforts, Joanne could not find him.

This might have been the end of the story, but April 22, 2013—10 months later—Ace was turned in to the South Wood County Humane Society … in WISCONSIN! He is now back in Arizona and reunited with his family, but the big mystery remains: How the heck did he travel halfway across the country?!? Joanne is trying to research the journey, so spread the word!

                                      Ace Parker in 2005, at home and with collar (and a microchip!) in Arizona

Here is the full story as told by Joanne

As the administrator of this Facebook page and animal lover, I have a story you may find interesting!

Years ago when our airport was under reconstruction back in 2004 and 2005, we noticed a grey snowshoe cat wondering around the parking lot and construction. He remained elusive for 18 months and finally, I saw him in the lot and he approached me and let me pet him. For another six months or so, we brought him food on a regular basis and he became more familiar with us. During this time, we were plotting how to capture him and find him a forever home.

Plans change. One evening while on bicycle patrol in the parking lot, I stopped to take a phone call. Out of nowhere it seemed, this cat hopped on the back of my patrol bike and he apparently decided he was going to adopt me! Within days, I brought a cat carrier and heavy-duty gloves, still anticipating a bit of resistance from this big man! We found the cat, put the carrier down with a can of food in it, and he walked right in!

The very next day, January 22, 2005, I took him to his first vet visit and got him micro-chipped. He was then named Ace Parker after the company that managed our lots, Ace Parking – not too original, but it worked!

Years went by, and the only issue I ever had with this wonderful guy was that no matter what I did, I could not keep him in the house! It would get pretty ugly, trust me! Ace came and went as he wished, but like clockwork, always came home for his meals and to hang out inside with us.

On June 23 2012, after hanging out in the cool house all day, Ace went out for his evening stroll. The next day, he wasn’t in his usual spot to chow down on breakfast. I knew for some reason he was unable to return, though friends tried to reassure me that it’s what cats do. As a life-long cat owner, I know their behaviors and was convinced he was gone. We posted signs and did everything responsible pet owners should do. We even established a posse and friends and neighbors helped search the neighborhood at night. Signs were posted and humane traps were set! You name it; we probably did it in an effort to get this guy home safe. Our hearts were broken as you could imagine as many of you have pets – they become part of your family.

Today, April 22, ten months later, we get a call! He was found on the doorstep in a brand new cat carrier, at the South Wood Humane Society – in WISCONSIN!! There was nothing attached, just Ace in the carrier. I guess we’ll never know how he got there, and we can only guess!

File Under: Mystery Meezers with Microchips

Love this breed and so happy to have my guy back! Here’s one of the photos I used to try to get over his loss (ya, right)! Now, I don’t have to! I’ve lost many in my life – NOT this time! If you can see, Ace is filed under kitty papers and it’s not staged!!

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