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Brave and Loyal Joe


As cat lovers, we often find ourselves rescuing kitties, even from life-threatening situations. But sometimes cats save OUR lives! This is the story of Mania’s first Siamese cat, Joe, who was lost and found on a ship, and in turn saved his family from fire:


Once, my mother was traveling with two cats by ship to a Greek island. When they reached the port, she found out that Joe had managed to open his cage and he was wandering around. Unable to find him, she had to disembark without Joe. We kept going to the port asking the crew if anyone knew anything about him, but they said they didn’t. Finally, the captain recognised my mother as a schoolmate of his and decided to give her back the cat he had been hiding in his cabin for 15 days. Although he was taking very good care of him, when Joe saw us he opened his “arms” to hug us and he hid his head in my hair, happy that he found his family again. Who said that cats are not loyal?

One morning, Joe saved THEM!

Despite his jumping up and down on me and his mewing, I was unwilling to get up so he grabbed the bedspread with his teeth and uncovered me. That made me realise that something was wrong. My room wasn’t very close to the kitchen, and if it wasn’t for him it would have taken me a long time to smell the smoke. It was all my fault. I was boiling water to make coffee but as it was 6.30 in the morning and quite cold I returned to bed and fell asleep again.

Nothing can compare to the love a Siamese cat has for his people! Cheers for Brave and Loyal Joe 🙂

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