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Meet Cody, Who Likes to Make Faces

Meet Cody, Who Likes to Make Faces

Recently, a kind member of our community, Megan, shared a lovely story. The long and short of it is that she and her father adopted a feral Siamese mix named Cody and his sister Cleo. You can tell by his picture that Cody has a lot of personality!

Thanks, Megan, for sharing your home with this kitty and his sister Cleo!


This is Cody. He was a feral that my Dad rescued. Cody even has a clipped ear as the sign of a feral who has been fixed. My Dad rescued him and his sister Cleo, also a Siamese mix, and they are just little loves. Cody loves to make silly faces just like my Dad! I can't get enough of this picture.

Cody's Human

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