Senior Cats

Megan’s Fred

The handsome and dapper senior Siamese gentleman pictured above is Fred. Here’s what Megan B. says about Fred and how he came to be a part of her life:

This is the newest addition to our family! This is our 11 year old siamese Fred, who we adopted from our city’s shelter after being surrendered by his owners. People kept placing holds to adopt him, but wouldn’t come back to get him after they found out about his medical problems. He is in stage one of kidney disease and only has his incisor teeth left due to bad oral health issues. Despite his medical diagnosis and his age, we still welcomed him into our home! He gets along great with our other two rescue siamese and our rescue dog. Although he’s old in age, he’s young at heart. We love him so much and encourage other cat lovers out there to adopt senior cats! They need homes as well and have just as much love to give.

Why Senior Cats Rule!

Why should you consider taking in a senior cat? The long and short of it is that a senior kitty is already a grown-up and knows how to behave well, integrate into your home, and connect with you. But we can’t say it better than Petfinder did:

10 Reasons Senior Cats Rule

Don’t automatically rule out an older cat for adoption. There are plenty of reasons senior felines make great companions. Here are ten of them!

Senior cats are wonderful companions and need wonderful people to care for them. There’s nothing we like better than hearing about senior cats and their people! Be sure and check out Petfinder’s full list of reasons why Senior Cats Rule.

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