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Gremlin's Gotcha Story

The Day the "Stork" Brought Gremlin Home


True confession: Aireck and I still feel a bit guilty for choosing to adopt Gremlin. That said, if we could go back in time and do it over? We would not change a thing!

Petunia had been our only cat for a year, and we thought the time was right to add another to the family. We have plenty of space, we wanted to provide a home for another rescue kitty, and we hoped Petunia would like a playmate and friend. But it did feel a bit strange to “plan” the adoption. Previously all of our cats came to us—given by a friend or showed up on our doorstep. I think cats can sense the energy from loving and welcoming homes 😉

Ok, so this actively searching was a new thing. Our local Humane Society hosts regular adoption days just one Saturday each month; in June 2011 I checked the website to see who was available; I saw one kitten new to the program—the ONLY kitten in the program who luckily was a boy—and we showed up at noon sharp in the hope that his foster mom would be there too and we could be “first in line.”

Gremlin's First DayThey were there! And he was so super cute, this Siamese baby, reaching out from his foster mom’s arms all curious about us and the world. We weren’t even looking specifically for a Siamese, but we were so taken with him! Then major guilt set in and I hesitated. He would find a home without a doubt, so maybe we should just go with an older, shy kitty—one that had been passed up before?

More people filtered in and started crowding around, but I was in a haze and suddenly too shy to act. But not Aireck… next thing I knew he was all, “We’ll take him!” And baby Gremlin was placed in my arms.

This all happened in less than 30 minutes and was quite literally a “Gotcha.” It is true that he might have gone home with someone else that day. But it is also true that while we wouldn’t trade him for the world, GREMLIN would not trade US for the world! This was not a decision lightly made, but it was definitely the right decision. We bonded fast and we bonded hard, and not a day goes by when I don’t think how lucky we are!

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