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How to Find and Post Photos On Our Facebook Page

We at the Siamese Cat Spot also have a Community Facebook page (We Love Siamese Cats), where everyone can gather to share stories, questions, pictures, and their love for siamese cats.

We have so much fun, but unlike individual accounts, posts made by fans of the page are separated from posts made by administrators. This creates two facebook “walls” instead of one. It can seem like someone has hidden your photo, or worse, deleted it 🙁 So we put together a tutorial to help you all upload photos and find them later. The gallery below shows step-by-step how to do it. Click on the first photo to begin:

[maxgallery name=”fb-tutorial”]

When you first visit our page, the default is set to “Highlights.” These are the posts we’ve shared through your news feed–the ones you see even without coming to the page itself. You’ll also see a button you can click to post photos.

If you scroll down the page, the cover photo disappears and

(1) a bar appears that tells you where you are.

Click on the “Highlights” button (2) to see the drop-down menu, then click on “Posts by Others” to see ALL the posts shared with us!

If you want to share your own photo, click “Upload Photo/Video”. Then click “Choose File” and navigate the menu to find the pic you want from your computer. You can also type a description in the text box. Once you have successfully chosen your pic, the filename (underlined) appears. You may then click “Post”! Ta-Da!

If you have done this from the Posts by Others view, your picture should show up right away. If you are in “Highlights” view, you won’t see it. It immediately moves to the other wall 🙂 In addition, you will always see the list of most recent posts off to the right, no matter which section you’re in.

This tutorial will help you with any community page, so have fun and come see us sometime!

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