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Michelle shared with us her story of how Romeo and Miss Kitty found true love in their forever home ♥

I am in love with this breed. I love all cats, but Siamese hold a special place in my heart. I hope you don’t mind my sharing the Siamese half of my little furry family.

Romeo, on the right, became part of my furry family in May of 2010 after the tragic loss of my beautiful girl Sterling. He didn’t replace her, but loving him and providing him with a home helped with healing. He was found under the hood of a woman’s car at a McDonald’s. I was going to change his name, but he earned it. Such a love!

Miss Kitty on the left joined us just this last December. I received a call from my Vet’s office telling me that a local woman was moving and couldn’t take her. So I said YES, and brought her home. What a great decision. Romeo and Miss Kitty ADORE each other, as you can see here. It was like Romeo had been waiting for her. 


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