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Safety Tips for Independence Day!

The Fourth of July in the U.S. is fun-filled with parades, carnivals, barbecues, and FIREWORKS! And that means lots of activity and loud noises. Siamese cats are sensitive creatures, so this can really put them on edge. Here are some tips to help put our kitties at ease, and to make sure the holiday is a fun one for us.

1) Keep Kitty Indoors

If your meezer is not already indoor-only, the Fourth of July is one day that he should be. His normal routines will be disrupted by the extra activity, and the usual safe spots may not be as safe. Home firecrackers, and official fireworks shows, can make him very anxious. They can also cause injury. Sadly, it is well known that veterinarians are extra busy on July 5th treating stressed and injured animals.

2) Watch for Door Dashing

Visitors mean more opportunities for door dashing, keep a closer eye on your cat. Also be sure that he is wearing a collar with tags. As we know, meezers are very stubborn and persistent, so it may be necessary to keep your cat secluded in his own room until the party is over.

3) Create a Safe Environment

Seclusion can also be good for reducing anxiety, and you can add calming scents and sounds. However, do not treat your cat with anti-anxiety medication, unless your veterinarian recommends it.

Do make sure there are sufficient hiding places and food and water as far away from the strange noises as possible. Feed kitty his normal diet and try to maintain as many of your daily routines as possible.

Here are some more tips – great for for any time those fire crackers start going off!

We hope everyone enjoys their holiday! For our part, we love to spend the day closer to home so we can have more time with our furbabies


Image: “Fuegos artificiales tras la cabalgata de los Reyes Magos de 2010 en Jaén. En el Castillo se observa iluminada la estrella de oriente.” by Miguel Ángel Arroyo Ortega


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