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Tortie Point Siamese Cat


Tortie Point Siamese Cats

Always Female

Tortie point Siamese cats have mottled tortoiseshell patterns for their points in multivaried combinations. As with all tortoiseshells, they are almost exclusively female due to the genetics underlying cat coat color.

The Orange Gene

The orange gene is dominant and when present turns black fur into shades of orange – red, apricot, or cream. However, cinnamon, caramel and fawn are NOT part of the orange group.

In addition, seal, blue, chocolate and lilac point Siamese don’t have orange-shaded fur because they don’t carry the Orange gene.

Only On the X Chromosome

This gene is also sex-linked–only found on the X chromosome–and cats, like all mammals, have XX chromosomes if female and XY chromosomes if male.

A female cat needs to inherit the gene on both X chromosomes in order to give her all red points. If she inherits it on just one X, only half her fur will change. The other half will remain as it would have been without the Orange gene. This results in the tortoiseshell coat patterns.

Classified As Colorpoint Shorthairs

When a female also has the genes for Siamese points, her dark points will show the tortoiseshell pattern, but her body will be relatively pale. Thus, we have the tortie point! As with the flame and lynx points, CFA classifies these cats as Colorpoint Shorthairs while GCCF and TICA consider them a variant of the Siamese breed.

Now For the Males…

Now for the male cats: Because a male just has one X, if he inherits the gene it will always change all dark fur completely to a shade of orange. There are no genes on his Y chromosome to counteract this effect. If he is a pointed cat, his body will be paler than his points; thus he is a flame (red) point!

In addition,  a male will only exhibit tortoiseshell patterning if he has two X chromosomes in addition to the Y, and this is very rare!

Not Everyone Agrees, But…

So, while not everyone identifies these beautiful kitties as Siamese Cats, many do accept these varieties as members of this endearing breed. As cat lovers, we adore them all, and as Siamese lovers, we welcome these gorgeous cats as part of our community!


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