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Black Cats Need Love Too!

Share the Joy

Since you’re here, we know that you have a special spot in your heart for Siamese Cats. Obviously, we do too 😀 We created this site for those of us who feel this way to share the joy.

Cousins Too!

We also welcome those of you who have and/or love breeds that are related to Meezers, like Snowshoes, Himalayans, Orientals, and others. Our facebook page has community members who share their lives with Siamese and many breed cousins.

All Kitties Need Love

But the truth is that while we especially fancy Siamese and their cousins, we love all kitties — in fact, we love all animals. We know that you share our view that promoting the well-being of all kitties everywhere, wherever possible, is important.

Halloween and Black Cats

To that end and now that Halloween is coming up, it’s important to remind ourselves about the special situation concerning black cats. But rather than re-invent the wheel, let’s take a look at the excellent article about this topic from the Montgomery County Humane Society. The article begins by saying:

Did you know that during the month of October many shelters are afraid that the black cats that they adopt may be used to accessorize haunted houses or Halloween costumes, as another Halloween decoration for a house, or used in cult rituals? Many shelters will not adopt black cats throughout the month of October due to these problems and the fear that the cat will be adopted for these means and then returned.

Studies have shown that black cats in shelters often get overlooked, not only during the month of October, but throughout the year. The color of a cat certainly has no effect upon its personality or qualities it may have, but cats of multi-colors such as white, brown, and orange are more likely to be adopted than a black cat. Black cats not only have the lowest adoption rate but the highest euthanasia rate [emphasis added]. While black cats themselves do not cause bad luck, they are certainly unlucky./

Cats and Superstition

The article (which you can read by clicking here) goes on to point out that baseless superstitions and fear are a big part of the reason black cats have a harder time finding loving homes. The reality is that black cats are living creatures who need love just like any other. We would like to ask your help in reminding people of this fact.

Good Advice

The Humane Society offers one very good bit of advice, no matter what kind of kitty you share your life with:

Because of the stigma surrounding cats, it’s best to keep your feline (and canine) friends indoors as much as possible during the month of October, especially during Halloween festivities.

The long and short of it is, we would all like to see every kitty find a loving forever home, including black cats. Thank you for being someone who helps make this possible!

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