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Blue Point Siamese Cats

Kassy the Blue Point Siamese CatBlue Point Siamese

The blue point is most closely related to the seal point, being a diluted (or paler) version. In place of the dark brown/black points, it has cold-toned, grey/blue points, and bluish-white body fur instead of the beige/tan. However, like the seal points, their bodies darken with age.

Blue Point AdultOriginally only the seal point was accepted by breed associations; all others were considered inferior. The blue point was the first of these alternate colors to gain official acceptance in 1934.

All should have cold-toned, white fur rather than a warm-toned beige, but occasionally you’ll find cats with lighter, silvery-blue rather than slate-gray points.

Because their bodies can get quite dark in a relatively short period of time, blues also tend to have short careers as show cats. It is rare to see one older than two years of age at a show.

Listen to this sweet big-eyed Blue Point. What a cutie 😉

It is said that blue points are more calm than their seal point counterparts, but they definitely have some crazy moments too!


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