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Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

Chocolate Point Siamese CatsChocolate Point Siamese

Chocolate point Siamese cats, like the seal points, have brown markings. They can be difficult to distinguish from seal points, especially when young. However, chocolates are a lighter, pink-toned brown that resembles milk chocolate, and their noses and paw pads also have pink undertones. Fur on their bodies is ivory-white and remains light throughout their lives, as opposed to seal points, which darken with time.

Chocolate points have been known since the 1880s even though they are more rare than seals. They were not officially recognized by cat registries until 1950.

“Choccies” can be outgoing or shy, but they always enjoy life!

In this video, Koko the Chocolate point, who is an adorable senior kitty, loves to talk. Check him out asking to go into the bathroom. Super cute 😉

So sweet 😀 What do you think?


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