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Lilac Point Siamese Cats

Lilac Point Siamese

Lilac (or Lavendar) Point Siamese have pinkish grey points and light cream bodies. This coloration makes them genetically the Lilac Point Adultdilute version of the Chocolate point. Lilacs are the palest of the four major breed colors; even their eyes are pale blue. Unlike the Seal and Blue Points, they remain pale throughout their lives. This color variation was also the last to be recognized by CFA in 1955, and even later in Britain (1960).

Some say that Lilac Points are delicate, dramatic, and theatrical, but don’t let them fool you! They can rough and tumble with the best of ’em 😉 Either way, these Siamese have an ethereal beauty.

In the video below you can watch this super cute Lilac Point playing fetch. Check it out:

Our Seal Point Gremlin does this too, although he prefers his “fetchies”, which are wadded-up pipe cleaners. Does your Meezer like to play fetch?

And if you’re thinking about getting one of these delightful kitties for yourself, all we can say is Good Choice! Check out this video to see just how delightful they can be:

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